“Tim Benjamin gives a masterclass in how to create an opera ... If Harold Pinter had ever written an opera, this would surely be it.”
— Bachtrack
“Punchy writing, with a real rhythmic drive. The sheer spectacle and volume are compelling”
— The Times
“Benjamin clearly has the energy and vision required to inject fresh life into the art form”
— Classical Music
“It brought the house down ... a tribute to the composer and the utterly convincing singers”
— Seen & Heard
“Benjamin is making a speciality of music theatre works, and ‘Mrs Lazarus’ was a particularly successful example”
— Musical Opinion
“An enchanting visual spectacle, with incredible voices and haunting, hypnotic music ... it even managed to get me to rethink opera”
— Todmorden News
“Exceptionally assured ... certainly a piece worth seeing and I hope there are plans to perform it again”
— Classical Music
“Corley’s story is one that needs to be told, and it is told using music that needs to be listened to.
If you’re in London, if you’re listening, go”

— The Guardian
“Clearly articulated themes ... an appealingly approachable piece of contemporary music”
— The Cherwell
“...the brilliant ‘Three Portraits’ by Tim Benjamin was full of character and refreshingly entertaining”
— The Cherwell
“Benjamin weaves engagingly pithy textures ... dramatic performances ... genuinely exciting”
— The Oxford Student
“A gorgeous crescendo and a powerful epilogue ... They have created quite a feat”
— Northern Soul
“Tightly conceived ... the music was the most impressive we’d heard all night”
— Musical Criticism
“An immensely challenging piece, and something I’d like to hear again”
— The Gazette and Herald
“Spearheaded by Tim Benjamin ... this concert was brilliantly executed and conceived”
— New Notes
“There was a first-rate sense of ensemble ... and Benjamin used the forces available to full effect”
— Seen & Heard
“Tim Benjamin's original score ... provided a visceral pulse to the on-stage action ... an utterly entrancing experience”
— The Cherwell

Tim Benjamin is a composer living in Yorkshire, England.

I create new opera, and also compose for film, TV, and the concert hall, and I record / perform live electronic music. My work has been performed and broadcast in many countries by all kinds of people, not least by opera company Radius, of which I am the artistic director.

I am also a writer, opera director (“Benjamin directs with considerable theatrical flair”The Guardian), and public speaker.

And last but not least, I teach and examine music theory.

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Recent music

New album: Fractures

My new project, my debut all-electronic album Fractures, is out now via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and all other reputable outlets.

R.I.P. (2015)

R.I.P. is a one-act opera, based on the short story Life as a series of questions and exclamations by Anton Chekhov, translated and adapted (and set to music!) by Tim Benjamin.

Silent Jack (2015)

Telling the dark tale of history's only female highwayman, Silent Jack: His Sorrowful Lamentation and Last Farewell to the World is a one-act opera with a libretto by Anthony Peter and Tim Benjamin.

Madame X (2014)

A full-length opera inspired by Jacobean "revenge tragedy", Madame X toured the UK in the summer of 2014 to much critical and audience acclaim. Video highlights, photos, reviews, and more!

Violin Sonata (2014)

A virtuosic work for solo violin accompanied by piano, my Violin Sonata, was first performed by the amazing Luke Coomber at Houghton Hall in 2014. Click through for a recording!

Yes, I remember— (2013)

Yes, I remember— was composed for a tribute concert for the late Sir Colin Davis, and was performed by the Mainz Virtuosi under Ben Gernon at Cadogan Hall, London. Click through for the video!

Emily (2013)

A full-length opera on the subject of the Suffragette Emily Davison, Emily, with a world premiere production in summer 2013. Click through for highlights video and production photos!

Lost and Found (2013)

A song cycle for soprano and piano, Lost and Found features a selection of found poems.

The Rosenhan Experiment (rev. 2013)

A reworking of my 2008 one-act opera The Rosenhan Experiment, for countertenor and ensemble, first performed at New Music North West 2013. Click through for the video of this performance!

My music is easily available for performance and recording, and I will happily send you PDFs for evaluation. Printed scores and high quality parts are also available at a modest cost to cover the production expenses. The cost may be waived depending on the circumstances!