By Example (2015)

Film score

I was asked to create a score for a short film called By Example, entered into the BFI 48 Hour Sci-Fi Challenge 2015. The film was written, shot, edited and completed over a weekend by "team Pink Elephant" (director: Christos Mavrides)

The contest involves a specific brief, given to the team at the start of the 48 hours. Here is the brief we were given to work with:

  • Title: By Example
  • Line of dialogue: "We'll never get it done in time, just realigning the beams will take three or for hours."
  • Prop/Action: We see a character remove two screws from something

The writers came up with the idea of a 1960s-style TV sci-fi programme within the film, which was quite different in style: a touching, sentimental story set in a future in which colour is missing.

Therefore, I had to write (and record) several main cues:

  1. A menacing / atmospheric synth-based cue for the opening voice-over, using granular synthesis to reflect the nanotechnology in the film's back-story.
  2. The 1960s sci-fi programme soundtrack, recorded first for full orchestra then treated to make it sound right for the medium.
  3. More emotional narrative-driven music for the main plot.



The SoundCloud playlist embedded below shows a before-and-after of the 1960s-style soundtrack, heard in the film after the intro, but here you can hear it in full orchestral glory!

Indeed, this short soundtrack made it into a tongue-in-cheek spin-off film, Repairers of the Stars, which you can watch (together with a gallery of images from the By Example shot here).


5 minutes


Orchestra, synthesizers