Of A Rose Synge We (2014)

A Christmas carol based on the medieval poem Of a Rose synge we (Selden MS., B.26 f.9, Bodleian Library, Oxford).

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4 minutes 30 seconds




Of A Rose Synge We

Of a rose synge we:
Misterium mirabile.

This rose is railed on a rys;
He hath bought the prince of prys,
And in this tyme soth hit ys,
Viri sine semine.
Of a rose...

This rose is reed of colour bryght,
Throw whom oure joye gan alyght,
Uppon a Cristys masse nyght,
Claro David germine.
Of a rose...

Of this rose was Cryst y-bore,
To save mankynde that was forlore;
And us alle from synnes sore,
Prophetarum carmine.
Of a rose...

This rose, of flourys she is flour,
She ne wole fade for no shour,
To synful men she sent socour,
Mira plenitudine.
Of a rose...

This rose is so faire of hywe,
In maide Mary that is so trywe,
Y-borne was lorde of virtue,
Salvator sine crimine.
Of a rose...