Silent Jack

Silent Jack (2015)

His Sorrowful Lamentation and Last Farewell to the World

Opera in one act

An English estate, 1720: A young woman stumbles into a secret cellar, the faded trappings of past glory decaying all around. Who is she? Why does she collapse, exhausted, craving sleep? Her final moments have arrived. We hear her tale, of riches and love won and lost, and we learn the terrible truth of the price of her struggle to survive.

Taylor Wilson as Amy Beddoes

Silent Jack: His Sorrowful Lamentation and Last Farewell to the World is a one-act chamber opera with a libretto by Anthony Peter and Tim Benjamin.

Silent Jack tells the story (very loosely based upon a historical character) of a woman, Amy Beddoes, born to a family that became wealthy thanks to the "spoils of war", who marries her childhood sweetheart ... but it all goes horribly wrong, thanks to the South Sea Bubble. She turns to highway robbery to survive, becoming a rare "highwaywoman" - but her survival becomes short-lived, in an intriguing twist. In this opera we hear her life story, told in a sequence of flashbacks in her final moments.

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  • Silent Jack (mezzo-soprano)


c.35 minutes


  • flute (dbl picc, afl), violin, cello, fortepiano (or piano), percussion


World premiere: 1st July 2015, RNCM, Manchester, by Radius with Taylor Wilson as AMY BEDDOES.

Subsequently on national tour including the 2015 Tête-a-Tête Festival.