The Conductor (2017)

A French woman comes to London to work as the assistant of one of the world most renowned conductors, but she carries a secret deep inside.
Directed by Xavier Guignard, produced by Essay Pictures.

The score for this film was required to exist both within the world of the film (i.e., the musicians visible in the film would play the soundtrack), and externally (i.e. heard only to the viewer, not to the actors in the film). Moreover, it had to cross seamlessly between the two aspects.

The music is new, and is inspired mainly by Rachmaninov and Shostakovich piano concertos, but also features an extract from Tim Benjamin's String Quartet No. 1.

Tim Benjamin also worked as the music consultant to the film, ensuring that non-musician actors would portray pianists and conductors accurately, and that dialogue set in professional classical music rehearsals would be authentic.

The trailer for The Conductor is available at the showreel, and further information about the film is available at Essay Pictures.


20 minutes