The Corpus Christi Carol (2014)

A setting of the Christmas carol known as The Corpus Christi Carol. The text is very mystical and contains several references to the legend of the Holy Grail, such as the wounded knight.

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3 minutes




The Corpus Christi Carol

Lully, lullay, lully, lullay,
The faucon hath borne my make away.

He bare him up, he bare him down,
He bare him into an orchard brown.

In that orchard ther was an hall
That was hanged with purple and pall.

And in that hall ther was a bed:
It was hanged with gold so red.

And in that bed ther lith a knight,
His woundes bleeding by day and night.

By that beddes side ther kneeleth a may,
And she weepeth both night and day.

And by that beddes side ther standeth a stoon:
Corpus Christi writen thereon.