From ‘Emily’, Act 1, Prologue (particell / manuscript)

Music: Chamber


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The Invisible Man2017Chamber
String Quartet No. 32016Chamber
It's A Trap!2015Chamber
se il Ciel mi fà sperar2014Chamber
Violin Sonata2014Chamber
Sonata for Bass Clarinet2010Chamber
In Memoriam Tape Recorder2008Chamber
Eine Erscheinung aus den Wäldern2008Chamber
A Guess-Me-Knot2008Chamber
Three Portraits2007Chamber
Strange Loop2007Chamber
Chaconne Canon Cancrizans2007Chamber
Five Bagatelles2006Chamber
String Quartet No. 22006Chamber
The Four Dragons: A Chinese Tale2005Chamber
String Quartet No. 11997Chamber
Muster Mark's Quarks1997Chamber
Un Jeu de Tarot1997Chamber