A scene from Madame X (2014)


R.I.P. (2015)

R.I.P. is a one-act opera, based on the short story Life as a series of questions and exclamations by Anton Chekhov, translated and adapted by Tim Benjamin.

Silent Jack (2015)

Telling the dark tale of history's only female highwayman, Silent Jack: His Sorrowful Lamentation and Last Farewell to the World is a one-act opera with a libretto by Anthony Peter and Tim Benjamin.

Madame X (2014)

A full-length opera inspired by Jacobean "revenge tragedy", Madame X toured the UK in the summer of 2014 to much critical and audience acclaim. Video highlights, photos, reviews, and more!

Emily (2013)

A full-length opera on the subject of the Suffragette Emily Davison, Emily, with a world premiere production in summer 2013. Click through for highlights video and production photos!

The Rosenhan Experiment (2008, rev. 2013)

A reworking of my 2008 one-act opera The Rosenhan Experiment, for countertenor and ensemble, first performed at New Music North West 2013. Click through for the video of this performance!

Le gâteau d'anniversaire (2010)

With a text in French, Le gâteau d’anniversaire is an allegorical comedy in one act about an artisan baker, Louis, who falls asleep dreaming of all the kinds of bread he can make. In his dreams, he is attacked by two phantoms, Marie and Antoinette, who tell him he must make cake, which he abhors. He drives them away by reciting the Déclaration des droits de l'Homme, but the eventually behead him! At length he wakes up from his nightmare, only to discover that he has forgotten to bake a birthday cake for his twin daughters, Olympe and Theroigne.

Mrs Lazarus (2009)

Based on the poem of the same name by Carol Ann Duffy, Mrs Lazarus is a one-act opera for soprano and ensemble.

A Dream of England (2009)

A "musical drama" in one act, portraying an elderly Charles Darwin poring over his diaries from the voyage of the Beagle, created for the 200th anniversary of his birth, and 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species in 2009.

The Corley Conspiracy (2007)

A piece of multimedia theatre in which "Corley" (for that is not his real name) is depicted within his conspiracy theory, along with the long-suffering online public, and the mysterious "EMAIL PROTECTED". The work is constructed from a deluge of Usenet posts dating from the early days of the public Internet.

The Bridge (1996)

The Bridge is based on tense UN-sponsored negotiations between warring factions. The drama takes place in a remote Scandinavian villa, at the home of a couple and their young son, Jan, who is symbolically engaged in his school project, the building of a large model bridge.