Review: A Guess-Me-Knot

“An immensely challenging piece, and something I'd like to hear again”

The Gazette and Herald, 24th June 2008, by Reg Burnard
Radius at The Corsham Festival, June 2008

It wouldnt be Corsham Festival without something you’ve never heard before, can’t quite understand, daren’t miss a note and at the end over a glass of wine wonder really what you’ve heard.

Nor should it be.

Radius did all sorts of things: clarinet and flute, with backs to the audience, for instance, played actually into the piano (without, it has to be said, any perceivable difference). Interesting. But there was some brilliant musicality, an immense display of technical prowess and, though he has much to learn in the professional world, an elegant textured cello from Oliver Coates.

They gave the world premiere [This was not actually the world premiere; that took place on 25th May 2008 at the Purcell Room — Ed.] of A Guess-Me-Knot, written a few months ago by Tim Benjamin, who was present to share the plaudits with the players. Like much else on the evenings agenda, it was an immensely challenging piece; and, again like much else, is something I'd like to hear again — probably in many years time.

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