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Film / TV Showreel

Here are some examples of work composed specifically for TV and film. To hear some of my non-commercial work, please feel free to browse the database or discography.

All the music in all of the films and audio tracks below is entirely my own work.

FILM: The Burning

A group of scenes from the Godiva Films production The Burning, directed by Annie Power and written by Tippy Elgar, making use of heavily processed strings along with haunting piano and cello to suit the dark atmosphere. commission

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FILM: Little Thief

Little Thief is a film by Xavier Guignard and produced by Essay Pictures, science fiction set in a near-future world in which men are greatly out-numbered by women.

The score makes plenty of use of a modular synthesizer, and also a choir of womens voices singing in very close harmony, resulting in a sinister feel that complements the dark story. The trailer, embedded here, uses only music from the complete film's score. commission

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FILM: Prometheus

These are two scenes from the Ridley Scott film Prometheus (opening titles and last scene), for which I've composed music to evoke a big-screen "Hollywood" cinematic soundtrack, scored for a large symphony orchestra and soprano soloist. demo

Scene 1

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Scene 2

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AD: DOLCE&GABBANA: Classic Short

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This classic D&G advert is by Giuseppe Tornatore, featuring Monica Bellucci. I have created a Sicilian-influenced score to bring out the strange textures and scents that the picture suggests. demo

AD: Giorgio Armani: Kind of Blue

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Into The Blue is a short film by Giorgio Armani, starring Kelly Brook. My score is for strings with electronic manipulation to complement the special effects in the film. demo

AD: Honda: Endless Road

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A clever visual trick for this great Honda advert: I added a kind of never-ending arpeggio (influenced by J.S. Bach) that I thought would be a perfect accompaniment to the film. demo

AD: Yoplait / Petits Filous: Milkshake Me

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A demo for a “Petits Filous” advert that uses sparse but catchy music for woodwinds (including a playful reference to Papageno's panpipe in The Magic Flute) to add to the humour and cuteness of the visuals. demo


CAT is a short, dark comedy written and directed by Lewis Burke. The brief demanded an electronic score reminiscent of the Channel 4 series Utopia.
(Warning: There is some adult/graphic content in these clips) commission

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FILM: By Example

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By Example is a sci-fi short directed by Christos Mavridis. The scenes in this clip provide an emotional underscore to the end of the film. commission

FILM: Psychosis

Psychosis is a short film created by Bethany Ibberson, about a high school student caught in a tangle of relationships and personal betrayal.

The score required a tense, claustrophobic feel, and to partly achieve this I added the unusual sound of a microtonal flute to my orchestration. commission

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FILM: Birdcage

Birdcage is a short film by Eleanor Smith, a dark tale of entrapment.

I was asked to provide music for the opening title sequence, and it features an array of creaking metallic sound effects along with eery, manipulated strings, an erhu, and a didgeridoo. commission

DEMO: The Gathering Storm

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A scene from the Churchill TV drama The Gathering Storm. demo

DEMO: Passchendaele

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A scene from the film Passchendaele, including some graphical scenes of close combat in the trenches of World War One. demo


These three clips use footage from the BBC's Blue Planet series and are scored for symphony orchestra, with music designed to bring out the distinctive character of the strange creatures from "the deep". demo

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PM: Library / Production Music

These playlists feature ear-catching tracks for production music libraries. Please see also my production music showcase.

Cinematic Piano (JW Media Music / JW2246)

LINK: MyDrive Music (the complete album contains 10 tracks, all by me)

Synthwave (Ravenwood Music / RAVE035)

LINK: MyDrive Music (the complete album contains 20 tracks, all by me)

Other production music

A playlist of various other pieces recorded for media / production purposes (please contact me for publisher / rights details for specific tracks).