Scripts, librettos, and lyrics

  • Meet Your Keeper (2017) (screenplay, produced by East View Film)
  • The Angel of Semerwater (2017) (screenplay)
  • Mother (2017) (libretto, on the subject of robots)
  • Herakles (2016) (libretto, in collaboration with Anthony Peter and Emma Stafford)
  • Sabatourists (2016) (libretto, on the subject of suicide bombers)
  • The Word Collector (2015—) (song lyrics, based on the definitions of unusual words)
  • Men Wanted (2015) (libretto, on the subject of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition)
  • Rest In Peace (2015) (libretto, based on Life as a series of questions and exclamations by Anton Chekhov)
  • Silent Jack (2015) (libretto, in collaboration with Anthony Peter)
  • Lost and Found (2014) (song lyrics / found poetry)
  • Madame X (2013) (libretto, in collaboration with Anthony Peter)
  • Anemoi (2013) (free-form writing, on the subject of the wind)
  • Emily (2012) (libretto)
  • Le gâteau d’anniversaire (2010) (libretto)
  • A Dream of England (2009) (an assembly of texts by Charles Darwin)
  • The Rosenhan Experiment (2008/2013) (based on a scientific paper by David Rosenhan)
  • The Corley Conspiracy (2007) (libretto, in collaboration with Sean Starke)


Programme notes and articles relating to my own music

This article was written for the DVD liner notes and the concert programme for my oratorio Herakles:

This article was written for the tour programme for my opera Madame X. The title refers to the inane question asked of an artist by one of the characters in the opera, about one of his paintings.

This short article was written for the tour programme for my opera Rest In Peace, explaining the origin of the opera’s single character, Ezdeyev:

These articles were written for various publications in the run-up to the world premiere production of my opera Emily in July 2013.

The next article was written in conjunction with the premiere of my piece Common Wealth, which was commissioned by the London Borough of Barnet to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee year in 2012, for Milestones, the magazine of All Saints’ Friern Barnet, where I was working as an organist at the time.

Here is an interview that I gave for a pre-performance presentation at the Opéra de Marseille in March 2010 for Le Gâteau d’Anniversaire, with CNIPAL study director Ivan Domzaksli.

The following articles were contributions to the programme for the world premiere of The Corley Conspiracy, which took place at London’s Southbank Centre on 19th-21st September 2007 as part of the London Design Festival.

The following article appeared in the programme for the debut concert of new music group Radius (see also the projects page)

Articles on other musical subjects


PDF versions of programmes for various events that I've helped to organise, mostly designed by me.


Economics of New Music

Economics of New Music was my DPhil thesis at Oxford University. These are all PDF files.

Papers and articles about other people’s music