Tim Benjamin

composer, writer, storyteller



In 2008 I wrote incidental music for the Oxford University "Greek Play", a theatrical institution which takes place every two years, in which the University's Dramatic Society perform a classical Greek play in the original language.

The entire production is available to watch on YouTube, in seventeen bite-sized parts:

  1. Part one

  2. Part two

  3. Part three

  4. Part four

  5. Part five

  6. Part six

  7. Part seven

  8. Part eight

  9. Part nine

  10. Part ten

  11. Part eleven

  12. Part twelve

  13. Part thirteen

  14. Part fourteen

  15. Part fifteen

  16. Part sixteen

  17. Part seventeen


Cello, clarinet, percussion, male voices

First performance

October 2008, Oxford Playhouse, Oxford

Request a score / parts

If you would like to see a score and/or require a set of parts for this music, please contact me.