Hypertext diagram for the Part II: Below, from Symbiosis

Symbiosis (1999)

Hypertext fiction

Based on a text by Elaine Windus, Symbiosis is part hypertext (non-linear) fiction, part electronic sound and music, and is designed to allow a single reader to explore the text — using hyperlinks — whilst listening to the music.

The non-linear method of access provides an interesting challenge to the composer in supporting the text, but the piece (including the text) is designed in such a way that the start and end points will be the same for all users/readers/listeners.

Symbiosis was originally made for CD-ROM (in 1998) and subsequently reworked for the Internet (in 1999). As well as writing the music, I did the coding. Browser technology has moved on somewhat and the Internet version no longer works — it relies on an antiquated (by net standards) plugin. The work is listed here for historical interest. However, we may yet revive the piece using the latest technology!