Tim Benjamin

composer, writer, storyteller

this happened once in Bosporus


I composed this short piece for a benefit concert for the flautist Carla Rees (of Rarescale fame).

Carla suffered terribly as a result of the riots in London in August 2011. Fellow musicians organised a "Help Carla Gala" concert held at the church of St Marylebone in London, 15th September 2011.

As part of this concert, composers were invited to write miniatures based on the letters CARLAREES, interpreted as musical notation (C, A, Re, etc), to be performed by solo members of Carla’s group Rarescale. There were 9 such miniatures; this is one of them, for performance by Sarah Watts (bass clarinet).

I plan to include this piece as part of a set of miniatures of my own, on the subject of sun dogs. The title comes from Aristotle’s Meteorology, in which he writes of a report of a sun dog seen once in Bosporus (i.e. the region of the Bosphorus, the strait in modern-day Turkey).

A sun dog
A sun dog


1 minute


Bass clarinet

First performance

15th September 2011, performed by Sarah Watts at the church of St Marylebone, London

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