Highlights of music composed for TV and advertising. See also the production music page.

Samsung: QLED TV

This entertaining advert for Samsung Polska uses Dreams Collide, a track from my production music album Synthwave (Ravenwood: RAVE035). This ad is one of a series all featuring the same characters (and the same music!)

Harry Potter: History Of Magic

This is a sync of my track Uncertain Dawn (on Reliable Source Music RSM218) for a one-off BBC documentary special about the magic of the Harry Potter world, with contributions from J.K. Rowling, Warwick Davis, and many other well-known personalities.

BBC: The Art of Japanese Life

This is a sync of my track Aperture (published by Reliable Source Music) for the BBC documentary series The Art of Japanese Life. This track was used for the final montage and credits to sign off the complete series.

DOLCE&GABBANA: Classic Short

This classic D&G advert is by Giuseppe Tornatore, featuring Monica Bellucci. I have created a Sicilian-influenced score to bring out the strange textures and scents that the picture suggests. Demo.